Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Snow Way

This story brought a few tears to my eyes - a Chicago man asked, via Twitter, for 10 volunteers to help clear snow for a predominantly elderly community. He got 120 volunteers:
Cole sent out a tweet Friday night asking for 10 volunteers to come to his neighborhood, Chatham, on the South Side of Chicago, to shovel the foot of snow that was accumulating. Chatham is a community that’s largely elderly and African American.

When he went to the train station Saturday morning to see whether anyone had showed up to help, he couldn’t believe what he saw. About 120 people stood on the platform, many with shovels, ready to work.

They came from all backgrounds and all parts of the city.

Cole said that he has been shoveling for his neighbors for years and that for the past several years, he has put out a call for volunteers. In the past, he has gotten about 20 helpers. He said he’s not sure what made so many people respond this year.

“It represents an enthusiasm this city hasn’t seen in a while,” he said.

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