Statistics in Action: From A to Z

For the 2017 Blogging A to Z challenge, I spent the month of April blogging about on Statistics in Action. Here's all the posts all in one place:

A is for Alpha

B is for Beta

C is for Control Variable (Plus Bonus Post on Control Variables in Action)

D is for Descriptive Statistics

E is for Error

F is for Fisher

G is for Goodness of Fit

H is for Histogram (Plus Bonus Fun with Probability Post)

I is for Interval Variables

J is for Joint Probability

K is for Cohen's Kappa

L is for Law of Large Numbers

M is for Meta-Analysis

N is for N-1

O is for Ordinal Variables

P is for P-Value

Q is for Quota Sampling

R is for r (Correlation) (Plus Bonus Post on Explained Variance and Power Analysis)

S is for Scatterplot

T is for T-Test (Plus Bonus Post on T-Test in Action)

U is for Univariate

V is for Venn Diagram

W is for Wilcoxon

X is for X (Independent or Predictor Variables)

Y is for Y (Dependent Variables)

Z is for Z-Test