Analyzing Data in R: From A to Z

For the 2018 Blogging A to Z Challenge, I spent the month of April blogging my way through the alphabet of R - with some related Statistics Sunday and bonus posts. Here they are in one place!

A is for (Cronbach's) Alpha

Statistics Sunday: Cronbach's alpha

B is for Betas (Standardized Regression Coefficients)

C is for Cross-Tabs Analysis

D is for Data Frame

E is for Effect Sizes

F is for (Confirmatory) Factor Analysis

G is for GLM Function

Statistics Sunday: Interpreting Confirmatory Factor Analysis Output

H is for Help with R

I is for (Classical) Item Analysis or I Must Be Flexible

J is for jsonlite Package

K is for Cohen's Kappa

L is for Latent Variable Path Analysis

M is for R Markdown Files

Statistics Sunday: Fit Statistics in Structural Equation Modeling

N is for N (Sample Size) Estimation: Power Analysis in R

O is for Overview Reports

P is for Principal Components Analysis (PCA)

Q is for qplot

R is for R Origin Story

S is for semPlot Package

Statistics Sunday: Using semPlot

T is for tibble

U is for (Data From) URLs

Bonus Post: Social Network Analysis with the Battles of A Song of Ice and Fire

V is for (Meta-Analysis) Variance

W is for (Meta-Analysis) Weights

X is for By

Y is Ys, Y-hats, and Residuals

Statistics Sunday: Conducting Meta-Analysis in R

Z is for Z-Scores and Standardizing

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