Sunday, April 29, 2018

Statistics Sunday: Conducting Meta-Analysis in R

Here it is, everyone! The promised 4th post on meta-analysis, and my second video for Deeply Trivial! In this video, I walk through conducting a basic meta-analysis, both fixed and random effects, in the metafor package:

See these previous posts and links for more information:
You can access the code I used in the video here as well as code to do similar analysis with the or_meta dataset here.


  1. The YouTube video is unavailable.

  2. Apologies everyone - the YouTube video was set up as public, so I'm not sure why it was showing up. I played around with some of the other settings - see if it works for you now

  3. Thanks. Showing fine for me now.

  4. Nice video, brief but plenty of good theory. Thanks !