Saturday, June 20, 2015

Trivial Only Post: Journal Entry From the Past

I was cleaning today and discovered an old journal from 10 years ago.  I came across this entry, dated June 17, 2005.  Based on the time period, I was probably in one of my worst bouts with insomnia of my life, so I blame the goofiness of this entry on severe sleep deprivation.  Here it is, in its unedited glory:

I'm sitting in my apartment playing Space Invaders and I started to wonder: Just who are these invaders from space?  Why do they attack us?  Are they after our natural resources?

And another thing, why do we just sit back and wait for them to come to us?  Why don't we go find their planet, go down there, and invade them?  I mean, they can't be far away.  With how slow they move, they have to be close by or it would take them a hundred years to get to us.  And by then, what's the point?

And hey, what's with the single tank waiting?  Give me 10 tanks with some more of those fort/armor things, and I'll wipe out their entire species.  It only takes one shot to take them down, and I, apparently, have been gifted with extra lives.  Like a cat.  A cat soldier.  So, I'm good.