Thursday, August 10, 2017

The Great Minds in Statistical Thinking

Starting tomorrow, I'll be writing up profiles of some of the great minds in statistics, who have contributed to today's understanding of statistics and probability. Though I considered making this a weekly post, a) I'm already doing 2 of those and b) this project is going to take a while. So I've decided to post on key dates in statistics history - birthdays of great statistics minds, dates of famous publications, and so on.

And I have a long-term goal for all of this. I came up with this idea while reading The Seven Pillars of Statistical Thinking, which deals with statistics history, and listening to a podcast about building a hypothetical new Mount Rushmore. I started wondering who I would put on a statistics-themed Mount Rushmore. Who are the top 4 minds? Who shaped statistics as we know it today? For that part, I'll need your help, but not just yet.

First, I need to give you the people. Later, I'll have a survey to pick the top 4. Stay tuned and help out by reading along with the profiles!

First up, Egon Pearson. Check back tomorrow to find out more about him!

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