Thursday, December 29, 2016

How Do You Measure a Year?

I was talking to someone about Rent yesterday, which of course got "Seasons of Love" stuck in my head:

Now it's in your head - you're welcome.

The song asks a question: How do you measure a year? What did I do this year? The song goes through many potential metrics. So I started thinking about the metrics that matter to me:

States visited: 7 (1 new)
Concerts in which I performed: 10
Cups of coffee: Too many to count, but conservative estimate of 2.5 per day = 912.5
Blog posts written: 311 (counting this one but not any I write between now and the end of the year)
Words written toward my novel: 64,134
Books read: 25
Number of times I've worn clothing that jingles: 9 (again, conservative estimate)
Beer pictures posted: 175
Puppy pictures posted on PNP: 1528

Next year, I resolve to visit more states, write more, and read more. Coffee and beer consumption will likely stay the same. I also want to pet more dogs - not that I've actually counted how many I've petted, but I'm sure petting all the dogs I can will improve my quality of life.

Coming soon: "Best of 2016," a post in which I go through the highlights of this year!

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