Friday, November 18, 2016

Gallup to the Rescue

In reference to my comment the other day on Trump's approval rating, Gallup has already come to the rescue with some results. The surprising news is that Trump's approval rating has increased since the election. (Really? Really really? Even after this? Or this? Um, okay...)

But his approval rating is still lower than other presidents-elect:
Donald Trump's favorable rating has improved from 34% to 42% after his election as president. While a majority in the U.S. still have an unfavorable view of him, his image is the best it has been since March 2011 when 43% viewed him positively.

The last three presidents-elect had much higher favorable ratings at comparable time periods than Trump currently does. Then President-elect Barack Obama had the highest favorable rating, 68%, in November 2008. Fifty-nine percent of Americans viewed George W. Bush positively just after the Supreme Court effectively decided the 2000 election in his favor in December of that year. Bill Clinton's favorable ratings were also just shy of 60% after he won the 1992 election.

Trump's ratings lag behind those of other presidents-elect in large part because Democrats' views of him are much worse than the opposition party's supporters' ratings have been in the past. Whereas 10% of Democrats view Trump favorably, 25% of Republicans had a positive opinion of Clinton, 31% of Democrats had a positive opinion of Bush and 35% of Republicans viewed Obama favorably.
In other news, if you want to throw up in your mouth a bit read a real-world example of asymmetric insight (where a person believes his/her ingroup knows more about the issue than the outgroup and knows more about the outgroup than the outgroup itself), read this.

Relatedly, I'm planning to keep PNP going...

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