Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Evidence in Favor of Blogging A to Z

As I've mentioned before, I participated in the April Blogging A to Z challenge. Each day featured a post about social psychology, with topics from A to Z. Recently, I noticed that my blogging frequency has gone way up, thanks in large part to this challenge. I decided to play around with the data and look at some of the trends. Since I've been spending more time in R lately, I did some time series analyses there.

First, I looked at data by month. You can see that 2016 has been my best year of blogging by far:

For completeness, I included data points for November and December of this year, even though those values are low. They're only going to increase, of course.

Then, I looked at some time series data by day. The first graph is the number of posts per day, which ranged from 0 to 3. You can see the density of the line increase just after day 1500. Blogging A to Z started on day 1651:
And finally, I plotted cumulative frequency over time, which is the black line that shows total posts by day. The blue line is a simple linear trend - what the line would look like if I were posting at a constant rate over time. Once again, you see a large spike just after day 1500:

I thought about doing a time series regression, but I think these data pretty clearly demonstrate the benefit of Blogging A to Z.

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