Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Trivial Only Post: Reasons I Don't Like Knitting in Public

I'm working on a knitted gift for a handmade gift exchange I'm going to tomorrow night. As I scramble to finish, I find myself needing alone time to knit. Why? Because I've realized I hate knitting in public, and here's why:
  1. Random strangers trying to start conversations with me while I knit:
    • "What are you making?" The least obnoxious of random comments, but still frustrating if I'm trying to concentrate
    • Comments about my age, e.g., I'm too young to be a knitter
    • "Have you ever made a ________?" Which results in a request for me to list out all the things I've made
    • "Are you on Etsy?" Aw, you're sweet, but I'm a slow knitter, and have to have a pattern to make anything. I'm fast and able to improvise with crochet, but not knitting
    • "That seems really hard. I bet you couldn't teach me how to do it." You're right, I couldn't teach you, because I don't know you.
  2. There's a surprising amount of swearing coming out of my mouth when I knit - basically every time I struggle to add a stitch, reduce a stitch, drop a stitch, or otherwise screwed up from poor counting

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