Thursday, March 9, 2017

30 Years of Joshua Tree

U2's Joshua Tree album is celebrating its 30th anniversary today - the album was released March 9, 1987. So tell me, Joshua Tree - after 30 years, have you found what you're looking for?

And to add to the celebration, here's 5 facts about Joshua Tree:
  1. The album was almost called "The Two Americas" as their inspiration for the songs came from the real America, as well as the mythic "American dream"
  2. The album cover was not shot in Joshua Tree National Park, but rather of a lone Joshua tree in the Mojave desert
  3. That tree was blown over in 2000, but it's still there, surrounded by memorabilia from fans
  4. Joshua Tree remains the band's best-selling album
  5. The band has never performed at any venues near Joshua Tree National Park or the location of the lone Joshua tree

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