Friday, June 10, 2016

Science and Quality of Life

As I've blogged before, science and innovation allows us to continue to enjoy a high quality of life, as we are constantly working to better understand our world and, with that knowledge, make it better. If science and innovation are not encouraged, our quality of life will stagnate.

In my job, we work with a variety of populations with neurological disorders, like spinal cord injury and Parkinson's disease. Though our focus is on health services research, meaning understanding and improving the care people receive, there are some amazing pieces of new technology other researchers are developing that will hopefully make it into the daily lives of these populations.

One example is Liftware, a product designed for people with hand tremors (such as those caused by Parkinson's):

The goal with many new devices for people with these conditions is often to increase independence. If hand tremors get too severe for a person to feed themselves, they would have to depend on others to feed them. Even if they may get that point eventually, anything that allows people to maintain independence for as long as possible would be a major improvement. And of course, new technology like Liftware can encourage continued research and improvement.

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