Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Where Serendipity Takes Me

I'm having one of those evenings where you feel like there is some strange force in the universe guiding you. Generally I don't believe in that kind of thing. But every once in while, things like this happen in a chain that feels anything but random.

It's Tuesday, when I have belly dance class, which means I drive to work and head up to Evanston after the workday.

On my way to Evanston, one of my favorite songs ever comes on the radio: Head Over Heels by Tears for Fears. It was on a station I don't normally listen to but I had switched over due to an incredibly annoying ad on my usual station.

I realize I'm craving tacos so I stop in one of my favorite restaurants where I run into two good friends and have some delicious chicken tacos.

On my way out, I stop to pet a very sleepy 8-week-old golden retriever.

I round the corner to my class... and see the lights are dark and a closed sign is on the door. I think about returning to the taco place but instead decide to head to my favorite tap room.

So now I'm writing and listening to an Irish folk duo while sipping beer.

Life is good.

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