Friday, November 11, 2016

Days and Days and Days

How much Netflix do you watch? Depending on how many Netflix binges you're guilty of (and I know I'm guilty of many), you may be interested in knowing just how much Netflix the average viewer watches in a year, a number that has shown a steady increase over the years:
The number of hours of Netflix the average subscriber watches has gone up steadily since 2011, at an average of 16.4% per year. In 2011, using Netflix data, we can estimate that each subscriber watched about 51 minutes of Netflix per day (about 310 hours per year). And while official Netflix data hasn't come out yet for this year, estimated that for 2016, users are on track to stream 600 hours of content each, on average.

If that's true, it means that the average Netflix subscriber watches about 12 DAYS more Netflix in a year than they did in 2011!
This is a good sign for Netflix's decision to release more original content, which they started doing in 2013. Not surprising, considering that their Marvel Cinematic Universe contributions, as well as the recent show Stranger Things, are some of the best shows I've seen recently. Next on my list is The Crown.

What are you binge-watching at the moment?

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