Monday, May 23, 2016

Movie Quotes and Social Interactions

It probably won't surprise you that I reference movies often in my conversation, including quoting lines from my favorite movies. For me, pop culture references are one of the ways I interact with and relate to people, by quoting something people recognize. And of course, it's always a pleasant surprise to quote one of my favorite movies with someone new, and learn they also love that movie. I'd wager some of my friendships were started with a Big Lebowski quote or two.

I also have a quote board on my door at work. It started as an activity during October - I decorate my door for Halloween, and include a marker board for horror movie quotes. A coworker told me she really enjoyed the October quotes and asked if I would mind keeping the board up all the time. I haven't been as good about updating it recently - it used to be every day, but now it's more like every other day - but I try to include a mix of easy and difficult quotes, to make it inclusive.

I also do a lot of reading, I love having some of my favorite books adapted into movies and TV shows. I may not always like the finished result, but I love seeing the story come to life. Though I'm sure some would disagree that movie adaptations are a good thing:

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