Monday, June 5, 2017

Greetings from Colorado

I'm writing this post from my cabin in Woodland Park, CO, about 30 minutes from Colorado Springs. We flew in yesterday afternoon and despite a forecast of rain for our full visit, the weather is sunny and clear. Here's some photo highlights, with more to come:

We'll have to pick up some of this excellently named jerky when we go back to the airport.

The castle rock in the aptly named Castle Rock, CO.

As we got closer to Woodland Park, we drove through these gorgeous tree-populated hills...

and red rocks. I'll get better pictures when we head back to Colorado Springs later today for lunch at a brewery.

Our home for the next couple days in Woodland Park, CO.

Our cute cabin...

and my parents' cute dog, Teddy, who came to greet us shortly after our arrival.

We had a nice view of Pikes Peak at dinner last night. We'll have an even better view when we take the tram up the mountain tomorrow.

And because it's Colorado:

The ashtray right outside our cabin is clearly marked "Cigarettes only." Hmm, what else would people be smoking in Colorado? ;)

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