Friday, November 24, 2017

Statistical Sins: Thanksgiving Edition

Hopefully you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I ended up traveling yesterday, and that combined with some illnesses in my family means I still haven't gotten the "official" Thanksgiving meal (turkey, sweet potatoes, etc.). That should happen tomorrow.

On the subject of Thanksgiving, FiveThirtyEight recently re-released that results of a survey from a couple years ago, showing the most disproportionately consumed Thanksgiving side dish:
And yes, I can say Kansans love their casseroles, especially green bean casserole. I've been to family Thanksgivings where there have been, I kid you not, 3 different versions of green bean casserole.

But what people are really reacting to is that the West coast just loves their salad:
But some savvy Tweeters are suggesting that this could be an issue with the survey itself or analysis of the resulting data:
Want to try to answer this question yourself? FiveThirtyEight was kind enough to share the data on GitHub. Once I get some writing done, I might have to dig into this dataset.

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