Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Is DeVos On Her Way Out?

I've said a lot about my thoughts on Betsy DeVos before, so I won't repeat all of that. But officials believe she's going to resign:
Thomas Toch, director of independent education think tank FutureEd, told Politico that DeVos was ignorant of the job's constraints when she accepted it and insiders are already preparing for her to vacate the position.

DeVos was roundly criticized for her lack of basic knowledge about education policy during the confirmation hearing process. She blames President Donald Trump's transition team, claiming she was "undercoached."
Do you believe in miracles? Because I might now.

Seriously, though: anyone else find it ironic that an administration that claims it values meritocracy and hates "entitled snowflakes" is full of people who were handed money and power, and constantly blame other people for their own shortcomings and shitty performance?

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