Saturday, December 10, 2016

On Reading Lists and Busy Weekends

I'm still working on finishing up my novel - only a couple chapters left! So now that I'm past NaNoWriMo and making great progress, I've allowed myself to do some reading as well. I'm finishing up You Are Now Less Dumb, and also checking out some epic fantasy series, since one of my future book ideas can probably be best described as epic fantasy. I've never written fantasy before, so it should be interesting. I may try writing another idea I have first. We'll see where inspiration takes me!

And now that it's December, and actually looking (and feeling) like winter here, we are seeing the "Best of 2016" lists coming out. A friend shared NPR's Book Concierge just now, which is an exhaustive source listing NPR staff favorites. It's easy to be overwhelmed by this list, but don't worry - you can apply filters to narrow down to the perfect book for you!

Even without all these "Best of" lists, my to-read list is so long, I'm not sure I'll ever be able to get through all of them in my lifetime. So there's no danger of me experiencing this:

I probably won't get as much reading (or writing) done today. My choir, the Apollo Chorus of Chicago, is performing Handel's Messiah once tonight and again tomorrow afternoon. But I'll be able to do a little reading on the train into the city.

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