Wednesday, September 19, 2018

The Road Trip That Wasn’t

I was supposed to go to Kansas City today for a visit but sadly it wasn’t meant to be. My car had been sputtering and lurching this morning. When a check engine light came on I pulled off at the nearest exit and headed to the nearest Firestone, which happened to be in Romeoville. I’ve never been though I haven’t missed much, other than a small airport. I got to watch small planes take off and land while I waited for the diagnostic results. It wasn’t spark plugs. Apparently there’s something wrong with the engine. Do not pass go, do not head to Kansas City, go straight to the dealer. Since it’s a Saturn, which they don’t make anymore, that means one of the few GM-authorized dealers that can service Saturns. At least the nice man at Firestone didn’t charge me for the diagnostic reading. They’ll be getting a 5-star review from me.

So I’m staying in Chicago this week/weekend instead of visiting my family. Le sigh.

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