Saturday, November 2, 2013

Trivial Only Post: Last Night's Dinner Entertainment - the Mutant Fruit Fly

My husband and I went to one of our favorite local beer gardens for dinner.  Everything was excellent - except for this one fruit fly buzzing around our heads as we ate and drank.  We cracked jokes about it (I'd ordered a lambic beer - so I joked that my fruit beer came with a fruit fly), tried to kill it several times, and eventually gave up on it until my husband looked down and noticed that it had fallen into his beer.

Certain the fruit fly was dead, we looked closer only to see that it was swimming - kicking its legs and seemingly quite alive.  My husband fished the fruit fly out with his fork and set it on his napkin, saying, "You're welcome."  Of course, we were certain it wouldn't be alive much longer.

We were wrong.  Slowly, it straightened out its wings, walking along the napkin, shaking its legs.  We watched this for a couple of minutes, and snapped a picture.

Almost good as new - but will he ever be able to fly again?
It hung around for several minutes, walking around a little square of my husband's napkin, and didn't move when I got in close to take the above picture.  Finally, my husband reached over to grab his phone, and it took off.

In fact, it flew back and landed on my beer bottle and crawled inside (it was empty).  I decided not to bother him.

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