Thursday, August 16, 2018

Finding Strengths

As part of my job and newly reorganized departments, my boss had many us take the Clifton StrengthsFinder, a measure developed by Donald O. Clifton and Gallup. This measure, developed through semi-structured interviews and subsequent psychometric research, identifies an individual's top 5 strengths from a list of 34. Here are my results:

The book that comes along with the assessment describes the 34 themes in detail and gives very basic information on the measure's development. But for the psychometricially inclined, you can read a detailed technical report of the measure's evidence for reliability and validity here. In general, the measure shows acceptable reliability and construct validity. There are moderate to strong correlations with the Big Five Personality Traits. My themes, specifically, relate to my high Agreeableness and Openness to Experience on the Big Five. (For comparison, here are my Myers-Briggs results.)

The report also talks about how the themes relate to leadership potential. What I'm best at, according to these results, are Relationship Building and Strategic Thinking.

And, of course, I always enjoy taking tests and measures, especially if I think they'll tell me something about myself.

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