Monday, August 6, 2018

Fun Weekend

I had a full, fun weekend, hence no Statistics Sunday post.

Saturday, I went to the Bristol Renaissance Faire - the theme was magic and monsters, so I dressed in shades of blue (water) and perched my knitted Loch Ness Monster on my shoulder. Only a handful of people got my full costume but I still got lots of compliments on and reactions to Nessie.

We held out almost 6 hours in the 95+ degree heat - LOTS OF WATER. While it may have been silly to go to Faire on such a hot day, I was happy at least that it wasn't raining. And between sunblock and my parasol, I made it home with no sunburns!

After, we dropped by Mars Cheese Castle to cool off and stock up on snacks, meat, and cheese, and I picked up a couple bottles of beer to take home.

Sunday I had some friends over in the afternoon. Their son is really into trains, and a train line runs right behind my house. The back gate opens up right onto the tracks, so we have a great view. After chilling on the grass for a shockingly long time waiting for trains (they usually run almost constantly on Sundays but not yesterday for some reason), we got lucky and had a Metra followed immediately by a freight train.

Last night, Endless Summer wrapped up in La Grange just a few blocks from me, so I watched the fireworks display from the comfort of my place.

Posting may continue to be sporadic for a bit longer, but stay tuned.

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