Monday, June 27, 2016

I've Been Myers-Brigged

I have a few friends who like to bring up Myers-Briggs results, and there are some great posts out there describing different Myers-Briggs types with geek references, or this recent one that describes each type's personal hell. (Personally, I prefer describing people in terms of good/evil and law/chaos, but that's just me.) I took the measure in college, like many people did, but couldn't remember my results. Also, since personality is malleable and can change across one's lifetime, those results might not be valid anymore. So I decided to once again take the Myers-Briggs test (you can find a free version here if you're curious).

So here are my results. Most of them weren't too surprising. My overall type is ENFJ-A, also known as the Protagonist. Here's the specific breakdown of traits.

I'm slightly more extraverted than introverted, which I knew. I was a little surprised about being intuitive (over observant) and feeling (over thinking), being a scientist. But I think also being a psychologist and having many years of knowledge understanding people, I often go with my gut instinct in my interactions with others, choosing the methodological approach for other issues. "Feeling" types also tend to value harmony and cooperation over competition, which is absolutely me. The only person I prefer to compete with is myself. And the methodical part of my nature really comes out in the judging (over prospecting) portion.

What's interesting, though, is that for many of these traits, I'm only slightly one more than the other. Many of the splits are 50-something% v. 40-something%. So many of these traits seem (to me) to be situational - of course, I'm a social psychologist, so I would say that about all traits. While I may have a predisposition toward one, I could easily be the other, if the situation calls for it.

And now fun with pop culture Myers-Briggs types.

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