Sunday, October 15, 2017

Statistics Sunday: These Are a Few of My Favorite Posts

You know how sit-coms would occasionally have a flashback episode? There would be some sort of situation where the main characters are stuck somewhere (like an elevator) and as they wait to get out, reminisce about different things that happened over the last season. You got to review the highlights, and the writers (and actors) got a break.

That's what today is: here are some of my favorite posts from the course of my statistics writing - posts people seemed to enjoy or that I had a lot of fun writing.

Statistical Sins: Handing and Understanding Criticism - I'm really enjoying blogging about the Fisher, Pearson, and Neyman feuds. In fact, in line with the new Edison vs. Westinghouse movie, The Current War, I'm thinking of writing my own dramatic account of these feuds. I mean, if they can make alternating current versus direct current seem exciting, just wait until you watch the scene where Neyman escapes Fisher's criticism because Fisher can't speak a word of French. I just need to figure out who Benedict Cumberbatch should play.

Statistics Sunday: Why Is It Called Data Science? - This post generated so much discussion. It's exactly what I've wanted to see from my blog posts: thoughtful discussion in response. Even vehement disagreement is awesome. My professor's heart grew three sizes that day.

Statistical Sins: Three Things We Love - And the greatest of these is still bacon.

Statistics Sunday: What Are Degrees of Freedom? (Part 2) - My favorite type of post to write; one where I learn something by going through the act of explaining it to others.

Statistical Sins: Women in Tech (Here It Goes Again) - In which I rip apart the Google memo, written by a guy who clearly doesn't remember (know anything about) the long history of women in programming and mathematics. Seriously, didn't he at least watch Hidden Figures?

Statistics Sunday: Everyone Loves a Log (Odds Ratio) - Which helped set the stage for a post about Rasch.

Statistics Sunday: No Really, What's Bayes' Got to Do With It? - When I first encountered Bayes' Theorem, I had some trouble wrapping my head around it. So I did the same thing as I did for degrees of freedom: I made myself sit down and write about it. And I finally understand it. Tversky and Kahneman would be so proud.

Statistics Sunday: Null and Alternative Hypotheses - Philosophy of science is one of my favorite topics to pontificate about. It's even more fun for me than debating semantics... and I love debating semantics.

Great Minds in Statistics: F.N. David versus the Patriarchy - Ooo, another movie idea. I very nearly called this post F.N. David versus the Mother F***ing Patriarchy, but decided against it.

That's all for today! This afternoon, I'll be performing Carmina Burana with the Chicago Philharmonic and my choir, the Apollo Chorus of Chicago. And heading out of town tomorrow.

Also, I'm horribly unoriginal: I did this once before. And of course, you can dig through my April 2017 Blogging A to Z Challenge, in which I wrote about the A to Z of statistics.

I'm working on some new statistics Sunday posts. What topics would you like to see here?

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