Sunday, June 18, 2017

Statistics Sunday: Past Post Round-Up

For today's post, I thought I'd share what I consider my favorite posts on statistics - in this case, favorite means either a topic I really love or a post I really enjoyed writing (and for certain posts, those two are the same thing). Here are my favorite statistics posts:

  • Alpha, one of the most important concepts in statistics, in which I also give a short introduction to probability
  • Error, which builds on probability information from previous posts, and starts to introduce the idea of explained and unexplained variance
  • N-1, a concept many of my students struggled to understand in introductory statistics - this post helped me solidify my thoughts on the topic, and I think I understand it much better for having written about it
  • What's Normal Anyway, my first Statistics Sunday post, which had the added bonus of proving to myself there is a way to explain skewness and kurtosis in a way people understand, and that these don't need to be considered advanced topics
  • Analysis of Variance, which used the movie theatre example I first came up with when I taught statistics for the first time - I remember overhearing my students during their final exam study sessions saying to each other, "Remember the movie theatre..."
I plan on getting back to writing regular posts soon, and have a list of statistics topics to sit down and write about. Stay tuned.

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