Thursday, May 11, 2017

My Trump Administration Conspiracy Theory

Trump has done many things that leave us scratching our heads. The most recent being, of course, firing FBI Director James Comey. Despite praising Comey on the campaign trail with regard to the investigation in Hillary Clinton's email server, Trump insists he's fired for the very same reason.

Cue Kellyanne Conway spouting more alternative facts...

And Sean Spicer literally hides (in bushes) to avoid the press:

Oh yeah, and Trump also updated the header on his Twitter feed, to a tweet saying there was "'no evidence' of collusion w/ Russia." It's like the equivalent of a cartoon bad guy putting a sign in front of his secret lair that says, "Not secret lair" on it.

Many have pointed out that if Trump wanted to get away from the allegations about his involvement with Russia, he just did the worst thing he could do: he fired the guy who was investigating these allegations. But I have an alternate theory that explains much of his inexplicable behavior. All of this makes sense if Trump is running his presidency like a reality show. Seriously, this stuff is batshit insane but it makes for great TV. Conway and Spicer and Betsy DeVos (to name a few) are completely incompetent, but they're entertaining - just the kind of characters you'd want to have on your reality show. Even keeping Sally Yates on, rather than having an interim replacement, makes sense if you want to create TV show-style conflict.

The infighting, the Twitter rants, the namecalling - it's reality TV.

What did we expect when we elected a reality TV celebrity? But as entertaining as this may be at one level, it is terrifying at another (let's face it, it's terrifying at every other level). Because America is not a reality show. And I'm worried about what this country will look like when Trump is finally out of office.

Dear god I hope he's removed before his term is up. I can't do 4 years of this. And the "you're fired" memes might just make these insane 100+ days almost worth it.

BTW, when everyone was going nuts about the Comey firing, the Director of the Census Bureau resigned. And that's not good. So Trump could add being the president who f***ed up the census as one of his contributions.

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