Friday, February 14, 2020

Money Walks

Another cool visualization - Neal Agarwal has created a site, Printing Money, that visualizes earnings at various hourly rates, revenue of major companies, and spending by organizations like NASA and the US Military.

If you scroll partway down, you can enter your own hourly rate and watch the money scroll by. Fair warning, watching the growth of the National Deficit race by at $125m per hour is dizzying.

You can check out Neal's other coding projects here. I particularly enjoyed his Life Stats project, where I learned that the moon has orbited 509 times in my lifetime, I've blinked about 300,607,247 times, and there are 3,120,013,847 more people on Earth than when I was born. And I'm currently playing with Where does the day go?, which asks you a series of questions to let you visualize how you spend your time each day.

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