Monday, July 30, 2018

Feeling Honored

Awesome news first thing on a Monday! My paper, "Effect of the environment on participation in spinal cord injuries/disorders: The mediating impact of resilience, grief, and self-efficacy," published in Rehabilitation Psychology last year was awarded the Harold Yuker Award for Research Excellence:

This paper was the result of a huge survey, overseen by my post-doc mentor, Sherri LaVela, and worked on by many of my amazing VA colleagues. The paper itself uses latent variable path analysis to examine how resilience, grief, and self-efficacy among individuals with spinal cord injuries/disorders mediates to the effect of environmental barriers on ability to participate. The message of the paper was that, while improving environmental barriers is key to increasing participation, by intervening to increase resilience and self-efficacy, and decrease feelings of grief/loss over the injury/disorder, we can impact participation, even if we can't directly intervene to improve all of the environmental barriers.

So cool to get recognition that one of my favorite and most personally meaningful papers was also viewed as meaningful and important to experts in the field.

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