Monday, February 6, 2017

Bonus Post: Overheard Conversation

Actual conversation I overheard, involving two people who work in my building, but not for my company:

1: I thought she did a great job. I was worried she would do something political.
2: Yeah, she didn't do anything left or right, just patriotic.
1: I mean, there's kids watching. But she has a beautiful voice. I heard her sing something by Julie Andrews. What was it? Oh, Sound of Music.
[I realize they're talking about Lady Gaga and the Super Bowl.]
1: Oh, and after the game, he said he wanted to play a movie for the kids. Something about the Civil War. I said, 'Really? That's for kids? I mean, maybe for grandma, but do kids really want to watch a Civil War movie?' It was something about America and the Civil War. What was it? Oh, Captain America and the Civil War.
2 stares at her in shocked silence.

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