Monday, July 4, 2016

Brickside Brewery

Today I visited a new brewery in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan: Brickside Brewery

A small outfit in Copper Harbor, I've been seeing their billboards around town and stumbled on their taproom by accident. I tried three samples while I was there: the U.P. IPA, Park Bench Porter, and Stone Ship Stout.

The IPA was crisp and hoppy, with a little bitterness. Not "soapy" like some IPAs (I actually like the soapiness, like you find in Zombie Dust, but my husband doesn't like that taste; if you're like him, and generally don't like IPAs, this is a good one to try).

The Porter had a nutty flavor, kind of like a pecan or hazelnut ale. Good sipping beer.

The stout was bittersweet with a little blackberry. Good but not the best stout I've had.

They sell samples and pints in the taproom, as well as two choices in growlers: glass and steel. The steel one is about three times the cost initially, but I'm told keeps the beer cold for hours. A couple sitting next to me took one to the golf course and it stayed cold the whole time.

They also decorated the bar with quotes, including one of my favorite beer quotes:

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