Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Inside the Nike Call Center

One more post before I leave work for the day - Rolling Stone interviewed an employee of the Nike call center, who requested he remain anonymous. His responses are interesting, though sadly not surprising:
So, what has this week been like for you?
Bittersweet. A lot of us have more respect for our company than we have in the past. We feel a big swell of pride that we stood up for something meaningful. But we’ve been getting harassed like crazy.

Normally it’s like whatever, I’m getting paid for it. But this week hit home. With any job you’re going to have to deal with some abuse. Sometimes you can just go with it and apologize, but with this there was no reasoning with it. It felt like it was the proverbial klan’s mask: looking at someone and not knowing their identity, wanting to take off the mask, but you’re getting your ass whooped so you can’t.

What about donating?
Only one group of people called to say they were donating.

A group of republican moms told me they meet up to talk about local news and politics and because of this they have stopped all their support of Nike. They said, “We gathered up all our kids’ Nike stuff and we’re going to go donate it. All our kids play sports but will find another brand.”

I said “Wow, that’s really nice. That’s good. I’m happy for you.”

They basically said, “F*** you, it’s not funny. We’re never going to give another cent, we’re going to talk to our brokers and withdraw our stock.”

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