Wednesday, May 9, 2018


Since 2005 or 2006, I've been going to a place called Beer Bistro. We hang out there after (and sometimes before) choir rehearsal and I met my husband here in 2007. I found out it's closing this week. After all the memories I have of this place, it feels like a chapter of my life is closing. I had to go back one last time, so I visited last night after work, enjoying it in my favorite way to enjoy a bar: with a beer and a book.

This morning, I received my feedback from the 2nd round of the NYC Midnight Short Story Competition - my 1st round story came in 3rd in my heat, with the top 5 in each heat advancing. In round 2, only the top 3 advance. My story came in 1st in my heat!

Round 3 assignments release Friday night and I'll have 24 hours to write a 1500 word short story. This is also the weekend I'll be working all day Saturday, so this is going to be a busy weekend. I suspect I'll be staying up late Friday to get as much writing as I can done, then work on it more during my commute Saturday morning and breaks/lunch during the day Saturday.

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