Monday, January 30, 2017

A Case of the Mondays

It's Monday again. If you're like me, waking up early and heading to work often feels like a rude awakening after a pleasant weekend. Yesterday, Glamour shared this post on how to prevent the Monday blues:
1. Pinpoint the problem. Just because we all get the Monday Blues from time to time doesn't mean it's a one-size-fits-all problem. Challenge yourself to find the source of your anxiety, whether it's a recurring morning meeting or a true dislike of your job.

2. Use Sundays to plan your week. Sundays are actually your Monday Blues-beating secret weapon. If you make a to-do list on Sunday, you can hit the ground running.

3. Get plenty of rest. To start your Monday off right, go to bed early enough Sunday night to log a solid eight hours of sleep—or however long your body really needs. You know the right number for you.

4. Start it right. Make it a routine to start your mornings off right.

5. Dress to win. You have to dress for success—especially on Mondays. Pick out your snazziest shoes, your brightest bling, or your favorite fight-the-frumps blazer, and be ready to kick buns when you come out of your closet. Of course, you can deck out more than your personal appearance—you can dress up your desk, too.
Some of these are stupid obvious - of course we all know you can't stay up as late on Sunday as you did Friday or Saturday. But I do like the idea of making a to-do list on Sunday, so the week feels more manageable.

And someone on Sirius XM 80's on 8 has a sense of humor this morning - they gave me this gem on my commute.

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