Friday, July 6, 2018

Lots Going On

So much going on right now that I haven't had much time for blogging.
  • I'm almost completely transitioned from my old department, Exam Development, to my new one, Research, of which I am Director and currently the only employee. But my first direct report will be coming on soon! We also have a newly hired Director of Exam Development, and we've already started chatting about some Research-Exam Development collaborative projects.
  • I'm preparing for multiple content validation studies, including one for a brand new certification we'll be offering. So I've been reviewing blueprints for similar exams, curriculum for related programs, and job descriptions from across the US to help build potential topics for the exam, to be reviewed by our expert panel.
  • I've been participating in Camp NaNoWriMo, which happens in April and July, and allows you to set whatever word/page/time/etc. goals you'd like for your manuscript or project. My goal is to finish the novel I wrote for 2016 NaNoWriMo, so I'm spending most of the month editing as well as writing toward a goal of 8,000 additional words.
  • Also related to my book, I got some feedback from an agent that I need to play up the mystery aspect of my book, and try to think of some comparative titles and/or authors - that is, "If you liked X, you'll like my book." So in addition to doing a lot writing, I'm doing a lot of reading, looking for some good comparative works. I've asked a few friends to read some chapters and see if they come up with something as well.
  • I started recording the promised Mixed-Effects Meta-Analysis video earlier this week, but when I listened to what I recorded, you can clearly hear my neighbors shooting off fireworks in the background. So I need to re-record that part and record the rest. Hopefully this weekend.
Bonus writing-related pic, just for fun: I found a book title generator online, and this is the result I got for Mystery:

That's all for now! Hopefully back to regular blogging soon!

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