Friday, June 22, 2018

Thanks for Reading!

As I've been blogging more about statistics, R, and research in general, I've been trying to increase my online presence, sharing my blog posts in groups of like-minded people. Those efforts seem to have paid off, based on my view counts over the past year:

And based on read counts, here are my top 10 blog posts, most of which are stats-related:
  1. Beautiful Asymmetry - none of us is symmetrical, and that's okay 
  2. Statistical Sins: Stepwise Regression - just step away from stepwise regression
  3. Statistics Sunday: What Are Degrees of Freedom? (Part 1) - and read Part 2 here
  4. Working with Your Facebook Data in R
  5. Statistics Sunday: Free Data Science and Statistics Resources
  6. Statistics Sunday: What is Bootstrapping?
  7. Statistical Sins: Know Your Variables (A Confession) - we all make mistakes, but we should learn from them
  8. Statistical Sins: Not Making it Fun (A Thinly Veiled Excuse to Post a Bunch of XKCD Cartoons) - the subtitle says it all
  9. Statistics Sunday: Taylor Swift vs. Lorde - Analyzing Song Lyrics - analyzing song lyrics is my jam
  10. How Has Taylor Swift's Word Choice Changed Over Time? - ditto
It's so nice to see people are enjoying the posts, even sharing them and reaching out with additional thoughts and questions. Thanks, readers!

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